rocking horse  

rocking horse


A rocking horse. A beautiful wooden rocking horse. Memories of childhood come flooding back. There is a magic which touches something deep inside us. To fall in love, it scarcely seems to matter if you are three, forty-three or eighty-three years old. There is a hint of a bygone age, but this is something which is simply timeless!

    rocking horses  

rocking horses


Our world class stable in the UK includes some of the world's finest hand made rocking horses. We offer you superb quality traditional wooden rocking horses for sale. Please browse this site for a taste and a big step on the way to choosing the right rocking horse, not just any one.



  mahogany rocking horse  

rocking horse restoration


If you are lucky enough to own a vintage or antique rocking horse, but your old favourite requires repair and restoration, we are experts in antique rocking horse restoration. Our team of experienced antique rocking horse restorers can repair and restore your horse to former glories. Rocking horse renovation is a specialised skill, so please ensure that you entrust your horse to the experts or you may come to regret it.

    smaller rocking horses  

rocking horses for younger children



Our hand-made rocking horses are complimented by some excellent smaller rocking horses for young children. These lovely little creations are adored by children. Superbly crafted like their big brothers and sisters in our stable, these excellent wooden rocking horses include the award-winner: "Europe's Favourite Rocking Horse" (see bottom left of page).


a warm welcome


We are a friendly team and pride ourselves on giving you a warm welcome and personal service regardless of whether you are in the early stages of deliberating or are ready to make your choice. Please contact us for information, guidance and friendly advice without the slightest obligation.


rocking horse viewing


We take great care to ensure that our photographs are an accurate depiction, but we can often make arrangements for you to visit one of our workshops. Whether you are thinking of buying for an adult or for a child, you can meet some of our creations in the flesh and chat in a relaxed atmosphere. And you never know, you just might fall in love!

    rocking horse chestnut  

top rocking horse makers


Our team comprises top carvers of 'Victorian' rocking horses and antique rocking horse restorers. Our skilled and experienced classic rocking horse makers create beautiful, friendly hand carved rocking horses in many styles and sizes. Buy a handmade rocking horse by top contemporary makers, choose from antique rocking horses or have your old friend restored by the country's top restorers.

    jubilee rocking horse  

silver jubilee rocking horses

rocking horse 25

Our most senior maker celebrated twenty-five years of craftsmanship with a small range of extraordinarily detailed creations, which eclipsed even the finest extra-carved antiques of yesteryear. This exclusive silver range was available in very limited numbers. We believe them to be the most detailed ever carved.


jean paul gaultier


One of our creations was dressed in haute couture by Jean Paul Gaultier in his inimitable fashion and attracted a winning bid of £80,000 when auctioned by Christie's of London in a charity auction in aid of the Naked Heart Foundation, a children's charity.

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Europe's Favourite Rocking Horse
best rocking horse
Europe's Favourite Rocking Horse


a choice of rocking horses


Whether it is a full sized traditional rocking horse or something smaller for a young child, you may only ever buy one, so choose the right one by turning specialists. Our lovely range offers you superb quality, choice and value. Please contact us for details of prices and availability.

walnut rocking horsedapple grey rocking horsewalnut rocking horsedapple rocking horse

The beautiful, individually hand-made Chester is made without compromise and acclaimed as the very finest available. Selected hardwoods, saddler-made tack in Sedgwick leather, flowing manes and tails, deluxe accessories and, above all, wonderful craftsmanship by Britain's most accomplished rocking horse makers all come together in our Chester hand made rocking horses.

We make the world's finest hand made rocking horses by experienced, professional rocking horse makers who use the finest timber and accessories and make to the finest standard of craftsmanship. Sussex rocking horse shop for London, Surrey, Kent, Hampshire, Essex rocking horses. Dorset rocking horse restoration.

The magnificent 19th Century bow rocker pictured above has been splendidly restored to full working condition and is now offered for sale. Originally owned by the renowned, wealthy and influential Phillips family in Lancashire, the horse has a fascinating provenance and also featured in the BBC 2 adaptation of Michel Faber's novel "The Crimson Petal and the White". Price and further details on application.

lancaster rocking horse

The photo above shows the a lovely Lancaster rocking horse as he emerged from the workshop recently and before he galloped away to a delighted customer! Please note the detailed hand-carving which differentiates these horses from many others. Customers often admire the carving detail and contrast that with some of the boxy alternatives with limited carving and whose legs have come straight from a band saw.

This would make a mighty stallion for an energetic boy and melt the heart of any little girl. But can I let you into a secret? He actually spends most of his time melting the hearts of grown-up little girls and finds his way into at least as many adults' living rooms as he does children's bedrooms. And often, there is not a child in the house. Or not as you would know.

Lines rocking horse

The photo above shows a beautifully restored antique rocking horse of the highest standard which was recently sold. This is a quite superb horse, which stands 46" from the floor to the top of the head, and has been restored to superb structural condition, and has a beautiful patina too. Full details on application. Similar horses in other sizes are often available as well.

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