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A traditional rocking horse. Everyone seems to have a happy memory of a traditional rocking horse, whether or not they were ever lucky enough to have owned one. Sadly, it is often just a memory. Perhaps you were the little girl who always longed for one many years ago. Thankfully, this is not just a thing of the past: our makers use timeless carving methods to make today's traditional rocking horses.




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Whatever term you use: traditional rocking horse or Victorian rocking horse, these lovely creations are part of the fabric of British history and we are delighted and modestly proud to be in the vanguard of their revival. No matter how young or old you are, everyone loves a traditional rocking horse!


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Our small team of experienced and expert makers individually hand carve every traditional rocking horse, which is highly unusual nowadays. Our stables include the traditional dapple grey and gorgeous polished woods, rocking horses on bow rockers, rocking horses for horse lovers and rocking horses which are large and stable enough to be ridden by older children and adults. Please visit our traditional rocking horses gallery.


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Our traditional rocking horses are wooden rocking horses. We are traditionalists: we believe a traditional rocking horse should be individually carved from hardwood by a rocking horse maker. If you would be satisfied with a rocking horse made of a softwood such as pine, a laminate or even fibreglass or plastic, you will find many elsewhere! This is, unashamedly, the home of the traditional wooden rocking horse!


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We introduced some of the finest individually designed and sculpted rocking horses carved anywhere in the world. We continue to lead the way in the more conventional, traditional interpretations, but our breathtaking unique designs for the connoisseur are wooden horse sculptures in the form of rocking horses. More news about these unique designs is presented in our silver jubilee rocking horse gallery.


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No website, no brochure and no photograph is a substitute for a real rocking horse. If you are in the UK, please contact us to discuss availability in our workshops. Perhaps you will find the rocking horse of your dreams!


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Please browse through our traditional rocking horse gallery and silver jubilee gallery and Chester rocking horses. Don't forget our smaller rocking horses for a more everyday rocking horse. Please read our rocking horse tips. For full details of current availability and prices, please do contact us.

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The Surrey rocking horse maker also offers rocking horse restoration for Surrey. The traditional rocking horse restorer is one of a number of experienced Kensington rocking horse restorers who provide expert restoration and repair and offer a collection and return within Surrey. London rocking horse restorers.