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The magnificent Chester rocking horse is fashioned from the finest British hardwood. Superb
craftsmanship and fine accessories create a rocking horse without compromise.

The lively, but smooth and stable riding action surpasses that of any rocking horse we know.

It is best appreciated in large, XL and King Size. Even the large size takes average adult weight. You will simply love riding one of these horses, whatever your age!!


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A Chester rocking horse has a friendly face, a warm personality and a long, abundant mane and tail which just love to be stroked! The Chester dapple grey rocking horse is carved from superb English walnut and finished in a gorgeous satin finish.

    carved rocking horse  

The Chester walnut rocking horse is a noble beast carved from one of the most venerable of English timbers with a gorgeous grain and beautiful polished surface.


This close-up shows the detailed and friendly face of the Chester horse in walnut. A Chester horse has a kindly, detailed and realistic eye.


This large size Chester dapple grey has a light dappling, dark havana tack and is mounted on a walnut stand. This horse has the traditional circular dappling.


Many other dapple grey rocking horses have fearsome faces with glaring eyes, flared nostrils and excessive use of red paint. We are delighted that so many of you are attracted to the Chester dapple grey horse, which is the exact opposite!


This photo of an extra large dapple grey shows the characteristically long and flowing mane and tail which are specially selected for all the rocking horses in this stable.


The Chester dapple head is the epitome of the detail and friendliness which you find so attractive in our horses.


The bow rocker was the original and classic form of rocking horse and our Chester dapple on bows brings a contemporary and lifelike touch to this classic style.


The removable tack is hand-stitched from finest Sedgwick leather by a Master Saddler and includes a splendid rocking horse saddle and a numnah made from Pure New Wool. Padded knee rolls and a hunting breastplate are available as options.

Please e-mail or full details of prices and current availability.


The Chester is made in large, XL and King Size (special order). Large: Stand length: 54" = 1.35m   Height: 49" = 1.24m
           Width: 20" = 0.50m     Saddle height: 35" = 0.90m           
XL: Stand length: 59" = 1.50m        Height: 53" = 1.35m
      Width: 22" = 0.55m          Saddle height: 39" = 1m
King Size: Stand length: 64" = 1.63m     Height: 58" = 1.47m
       Width: 24" = 0.61m         Saddle height: 43" = 1.10m


  Our stable of rocking horses is considered by many to be the world's finest and includes:
  Lancaster: Finest antique-style rocking horses made to authentic Victorian patterns.

  Silver Jubilee: Innovative range of the most detailed rocking horses ever carved.

  Antique: selection of antique and vintage horses restored by experienced restorers.

  Chester: superb, contemporary rocking horses in larger sizes with the horse lover in mind.

  We also provide expert rocking horse restoration in most of the UK.


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The Chester rocking horses are made by a leading rocking horse maker and supplied throughout the UK and also many export markets. In addition, we are also provide Chester rocking horse restoration with a rocking horse workshop in the Cheshire area. The Chester rocking horse is not made in Chester, but other rocking horses are, so we if you are looking for a rocking horse maker or a rocking horse restorer in Cheshire, we can certainly assist. We have supplied many rocking horses to Cheshire and are pleased to offer you Cheshire rocking horse services, which include rocking horse renovation in Cheshire. When approached by customers seeking rocking horse repairs in Cheshire, we can offer that service.