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This gallery shows a selection from our stables of fine traditional rocking horses for sale. Please click on the photos to bring up an enlarged photograph and more details, as with this lovely Lancaster dapple grey. After browsing through this page, please follow the links at the bottom of the page for more galleries.


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The rocking horses in this gallery are just a selection from our stables of traditional rocking horses for sale. Every horse is individually hand crafted by one of our small team of rocking horse makers, each of whom has more than 20 years experience. They produce fine rocking horses such as these lovely dapple grey rocking horses, which have grace, beauty and exceptional carving detail.




Our dapple grey rocking horse is characterised by a friendly face and a warm personality. It is adored by children, but has a rare sophistication and subtlety which makes it the choice of adults too. It is also a rocking horse for horse lovers.


The swinger or safety stand, on which the horses above are mounted may have the advantage of practicality, particularly if space is at a premium, but there is an undeniable elegance to the bow rocker. This horse features removable leather tack and a sheepskin numnah, which is a favoured combination.




Mounted on a bow rocker in 19th century style, this horse is a stylish replica of a Georgian or early Victorian rocking horse. Subtle antiquing is an option which is often chosen by clients to add to the character of a dapple grey, but the antiquing has been taken a stage further to wonderful effect on this horse to create a gorgeous period feel.

dapple rocking horse head

The finest rocking horses combine a warm, friendly personality with poise and presence. As many visitors have told us, the Chester dapple grey horse melts hearts with its great elegance and kindly face. Please view this detailed close-up of the Chester rocking horse head.


This Chester polished wood rocking horse in walnut makes a stunning alternative to the dapple grey. This is both a rocking horse and a piece of the finest classic furniture and is painstakingly hand-carved and lovingly finished by our skilled experts, who take pride and pleasure in the gorgeous appearance of this exquisite natural walnut rocking horse.


If you do prefer natural wood rocking horses, our Chester rocking horses are gorgeous horses, which are available in larger sizes and attract praise from horse lovers. They have a host of the finest features and make a magnificent addition to the home.


Our Lancaster replica antique rocking horses are inspired by the finest Victorian rocking horses which have passed through the restoration workshop. They are characterised by a unique and beautiful finish, which simulates the antique patina that an old rocking horse acquires over many decades.

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  Our stable of rocking horses is considered by many to be the world's finest and includes:

  Chester: Superb, contemporary rocking horses in larger sizes with the horse lover in mind

  Lancaster: Finest antique-style rocking horses made to authentic Victorian patterns.

  Silver Jubilee: Innovative range of the most detailed rocking horses ever carved.

  Antique: Genuine antique and vintage horses restored by experienced restorers.

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