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The rocking horses and hobby horses on this page are usually available by mail order. Please visit our order your rocking horse page.

If you would like more information about any rocking horse, please contact us.



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Lavished with praise and awards and hailed as Europe's best rocking horse for young children, there has probably never been such a combination of fun and design sophistication in a rocking horse. If you are seeking a little rocking horse but with heirloom qualities, look no further: at just £690, this is probably the best value small rocking horse anywhere.




Our junior dapple grey rocking horse is a loving tribute to its big brothers and sisters, the full-size dapple grey rocking horses in our traditional rocking horse range. A super little rocking horse with big eyes and a cheeky grin, this is a unique chance to own a dapple grey for only £59!




This little rocking horse is a little simpler in form and style than "Europe's Best Rocking Horse" (above), but displays the same beautiful grain of finest beech. Junior Beech makes a fine choice for lovers of natural wood. It is the cousin of Junior Dapple and is equally outstanding value at just £549.


Toddler's rocking horse is beautifully crafted in beech and has a woolen mane and tail. It is smaller than the three horses pictured above and has a low seat height of 33cm. Like all the rocking horses on this page, it has full CE certification. Costing just £299, plus P&P, it is an affordable, but superior starter rocking horse in wood.


Hand-made by our partners, a small family firm with decades of experience, our junior plush rocking horse has a hand-sewn plush 'skin' on a wooden frame, filled with wood chippings in the traditional way. The quality of the craftsmanship speaks for itself. Available in black or brown at just £299 plus delivery, this rocking horse will suit those seeking an exclusive plush rocking horse in a world full of inferior, mass-produced, plastic-framed rocking horses.


Our senior plush rocking horse shares the virtues of its' smaller brother above but is significantly larger. It is a big rocking horse! It is also an ingenious combination of wheeled horse and rocking horse. It is an easy and quick (adult) job to switch between the wheeled push-along and the vigorous, exciting rocking horse. Please contact us for pricing details.


Swing rocking horse. Direct price £499. This horse is currently out of stock, but other fur fabric swing horses in various sizes and colours are available. Please e-mail us for details.


Plush dapple grey. A super little fur fabric variant of the tradtional dapple grey.


Thoroughbred rocking horse. Showroom price £290.


Pinto rocking horse. Price £290 plus delivery.


Clydesdale rocking horse. Price £290 plus delivery.


It isn't a rocking horse, but this superb wooden cart made in Germany appeals to us as both a versatile plaything and a practical load carrier, so we added it to our range. And why not?!


Traditional English hobby horses are hard to find but remain a favourite with children. These super fur fabric hobby horses have been made here in the UK for 25 years. They don't squeak and you won't confuse them with inferior imported so-called 'alternatives'! Please contact us for more details.


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