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This site map will guide you through our rocking horses website. You may wish to refer back to this page for reference while browsing. Our home page is is often referred to on other pages as Kensington Rocking Horse Company and it is the recommended start point for your browsing.

The main content pages are split into several sections:

traditional rocking horse  smaller rocking horse  

and rocking horse restoration with rocking horse restoration testimonials.

These sections are supported by a number of information pages, which we list later on this page.




We recommend that you read the above introductory pages and then proceed to the gallery of pictures. The traditional rocking horses gallery picture page which features a number of smaller pictures. Clicking on any of these pictures will link you to an enlarged version of the picture with some explanatory detail and additional background. These pictures include the following:

dapple grey
dapple grey 2
dapple grey 3
Victorian style
Natural wood rocking horse 1
Natural wood rocking horse 2




You can make your choice from our various stables of rocking horses:

Chester rocking horses: Superb, contemporary rocking horses in larger sizes with the horse lover in mind. Choose from the Chester dapple grey rocking horse, the Chester sweet chestnut rocking horse, the Chester mahogany rocking horse or the Chester walnut rocking horse. You can also see a close-up of the fine rocking horse saddle.

Lancaster rocking horses
: Finest antique-style rocking horses made to authentic Victorian patterns.

Silver Jubilee rocking horses : Innovative range of the most detailed rocking horses ever carved.

Antique: A selection of antique and vintage horses restored by experienced restorers. Current stock includes a Lines Brothers Sportiboy rocking horse.




Once you have glanced over the picture gallery, you may find it helpful to refer to rocking horse for sale page. Please do bear in mind that we are not (yet) able to picture our complete range of rocking horses on these pages. Please refer to us for more details.

Please do refer to our hints and advice page rocking horse tips, as it explains some of the things which make us unique and specialists in the field. It also gives some observations and hints as to what to consider when you are considering where to buy your rocking horses and what style of rocking horse to buy.




Our smaller rocking horse page will introduce you to a unique selection of award-winning rocking horses for young children. A group of smaller wooden rocking horses is depicted and can be viewed in enlarged form.

The star of the show is "Europe's best rocking horse" which wins plenty of friends and admirers wherever we present it. The Junior Dapple Grey is a super little dapple for the youngsters and our Junior Plush rocking horse is one of the few plush rocking horses still hand-made in traditional crafted fashion on a wood frame.




Please refer to the how to order page.

Restoration areas include Essex rocking horse restoration and Suffolk rocking horse restoration.


In addition to this site map other resources include links and resources and wooden toys resources information about rocking horse appeals.

We do hope that you enjoy your browsing of this site. If you have any questions, or comments, we would be delighted to hear from you. Above all, are always very pleased to have an exploratory chat with you, regardless of whether you have any intention of buying in the short-term. Please do not hesitate to contact us

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