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The Kensington Rocking Horse Company makes hand carved rocking horses which are also hand made rocking horses. They are sometimes referred to as Victorian rocking horses. Some people use the term antique rocking horses as a shorthand for 'antique-style'. Our handmade range are UK rocking horses or British rocking horses. More specifically, they are English rocking horses. This is an investment in beautiful furniture, a plaything and an heirloom.

All of our Kent rocking horses are handmade rocking horses which are lovingly and individually crafted by the maker. They are hand-crafted rocking horses. Christenings and birthdays are occasions when they are particularly given as gift rocking horses. Of all the times when wooden rocking horses are given as rocking horse presents, there is absolutely no doubt that the peak is when they are given as Christmas presents.

Our handcrafted rocking horses are amongst the options we can offer as child rocking horses and a good number of them can also be considered suitable as baby rocking horses. On the other hand, we are known as makers of an adult rocking horse.

Our expert rocking horse restoration service includes Haddon Rocking Horse restoration and Ayres rocking horse restoration.
as well as Collinson rocking horse restoration. If you own a Sportiboy, you can take advantage of our Lines Brothers rocking horse restoration, and if you own a Patterson Edwards horse, we offer you Leeway rocking horse restoration.

Baby Carriages rocking horse restoration involves BCL rocking horses.

We offer rocking horse hire to photographers, stylists, photographic studios and others for props.

In Germany, a rocking horse is known as a Schaukelpferd and rocking horses are known as Schaukelpferde. A wooden rocking horse is a Holzschaukelpferd or a Schaukelpferd aus Holz. A children's rocking horse is known as a Kinder-Schaukelpferd. A traditional rocking horse is sometimes called a nostalgisches Schaukelpferd.

In France, the terms are cheval à bascule and chevaux à bascule, respectively. The Japanese call a rocking horse a mokuba and in Sweden, it is a gunghäst. To the Dutch, it is a hobbelpaard and rocking horses are hobbelpaarden. An antique one is known as an antiek hobbelpaard or antiek hobbelpaarden in the plural.

In Denmark, a rocking horse is called a gyngehest and in Finland a keinuhevonen. In Italy, it is called a cavallo a dondolo and rocking horses are known as cavalli a dondolo.  A wooden rocking horse is a cavallo a dondolo in legno.

In Portugal, the term cavalo de baloiço or cavalo balançando is used for rocking horse. The Spanish term is caballito balancín or caballo oscilante.

In Wales, the rocking horse is known by Welsh speakers as a ceffyl siglo rocking horse wales.

This is an investment in beautiful furniture, a plaything and an heirloom.

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