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As the UK's leading rocking horse restorers, we offer you a low-cost collection and return service in much of the country. If your rocking horse has seen better days and requires restoration, our antique rocking horse restoration team restore rocking horses sympathetically to former glories. Rocking horse restoration covers a wide spectrum of repairs including the comprehensive restoration of a barely recognisable rocking horse.

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Part of the skill of the rocking horse restorer lies in assessing the appropriate extent and style of restoration. Our rocking horse restorers have many years of experience of restoring rocking horses and can usually identify the original rocking horse maker and approximate date of making and so recommend the appropriate sympathetic restoration of a wooden or fibreglass rocking horse.




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Commercial rocking horse making in Britain dates back over two centuries, so the work of many different makers is to be found today. All rocking horses are valuable: some potentially have great financial value, others have more sentimental value. Identifying your rocking horse is an important part of the process of determining the appropriate restoration and repairs for him or her by our antique rocking horse restorers.


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The extent of the necessary repair varies, but a new mane and tail are usually required, as is a replacement saddle and bridle. In the case of a painted dapple grey, it is common to see cracks, chips and damage in the gesso (the plaster-like substance which was used to coat and protect the wood) and this may indicate that full structural rocking horse repairs need to be undertaken by our experienced rocking horse restorers.


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You may own a more contemporary Leeway, Haddon Rockers, Pegasus or Ayres rocking horse or may be lucky enough to own a rocking horse made during the golden age of rocking horse making, such as those by F.H. Ayres, G&J Lines, Wilson & Son, Lines Brothers, or J.R. Smith. These horses are the most valuable, but they are often in a poor state of repair. Fear not! No rocking horse is so dilapidated that it is beyond restoration!


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Our main rocking horse restoration activities concentrate on London and South-East England, South-West England, the East Midlands, West Midlands and the North-West, including Manchester, Cheshire etc. We offer a low-cost collection and return service throughout this area. In addition, we are sometimes able to offer specialist rocking horse renovation in other areas of Britain, including Scotland and Wales.


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Rocking horse restoration service for the UK.

We aim to provide you with an accurate quotation to repair and renovate your horse. In certain circumstances, this may not be possible, but we are pleased to offer no-obligation estimates, which will give a close indication of the rocking horse restoration cost. If you can provide digital photos and the height of the horse (on the stand) from the floor to the top of the head, that will be most helpful.


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A note of caution: we have seen many many rocking horses, including some potentially valuable antique rocking horses, which have been utterly ruined by poor restoration. When you entrust your rocking horse to us, you are entrusting him or her to the most experienced of professional rocking horse restorers. You may well regret it if you settle for less. Please read some of our rocking horse restoration testimonials from our happy customers.


Recent restorations include a G & J Lines horse in Sussex, a J.R. Smith rocking horse restoration for Cambridge, an Ayres rocking horse in Nottinghamshire and a Baby Carriages rocking horse in Cheshire. Our rocking horse restorers recently renovated a Lines Sportiboy from Surrey and a Collinson from Oxford. Another Lines rocking horse in Bristol has been thoroughly repaired. There is usually a Pegasus of Crewe in the workshop, and now is no exception with a current horse from Portsmouth in the workshop.

We specialise in historically accurate, authentic restoration and conservation. No-one treats old rocking horses more respectfully than we do!

At the time of writing, rocking horses in the workshops currently include examples from Surrey, Essex, London, Wirral, Warwickshire, Oxford, Lancashire, West Sussex, South Wales, Dorset, Manchester, Worcestershire, Cheshire, Edinburgh, Dundee, Cardiff and the Portsmouth/Southampton area of Hampshire. In addition, horses from Somerset, Northamptonshire and Leicestershire are amongst those waiting patiently for collection!

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