Restoration of Lines Brothers Rocking Horses

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The wooden rocking horses that were made in London Lines Brothers are often seen in our restoration workshops, and we have a great deal of experience of repairing, restoring, renovating, refurbishing and reviving them.

The Lines Brothers signature 'Sportiboy' rocking horses were first made in premises off The Old Kent Road in London in 1919. Lines Brothers Ltd was created by three of the four children of Joseph Lines, who had been a co-founder of the long established rocking horse making company, G & J Lines. The sons had worked for their father, but had grown frustrated at his adherence to what they regarded as outdated old ways.

The success of the Sportiboy in the subsequent two decades was to vindicate the decision to go their own way. These attractive, robust rocking horses with their characteristic removable saddle were to become the pre-eminent rocking horses of the 1920s and 1930s. The horses were shorn of what the brothers regarded as unnecessary embellishments, and the accent was on efficient streamlined production.

By 1925 the company was able to move into a new factory in Merton in south London. With diversification into other toys and with the introduction of the Tri-ang brand that was to become renowned, Lines Brothers was to become one of the world's leading toymakers in what was said to be the biggest toy factory in the world. The Sportiboy rocking horse remained at the core, though!

Kensington Rocking Horse Company is a specialist restorer of Lines Brothers rocking horses and other antique rocking horses and we provide expert bespoke restoration, renovation and refurbishment. Please contact us and we will be delighted to provide recommendations, more example photos and costings.


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