Restoration of Ayres Rocking Horses

Ayres rocking horse restored

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The fine wooden rocking horses made by F. H. Ayres, F. H . Ayres Ltd and Ayres Sports Goods have a long history that stretched from the 1840s and lasted until 1950. Ayres rocking horses are widely considered to be amongst the best rocking horses ever made and it is always a pleasure to restore, renovate and revive them.

Ayres was originally a company that produced a wide range of sports goods; rocking horses were only a small part of their output. Prior to the 1880 British patenting of what we now refer to as the safety stand, Ayres produced rocking horses on bow rockers. From 1880 onwards Ayres produced horses on the new static stand. The term "hobby horses" was used, which is a little confusing to modern ears. "Rocking horses" continued to be the term used for an Ayres horse that was mounted on bows.

The period from 1880 until the early 1930s could be seen as a golden era for Ayres rocking horses. Rocking horses of the highest quality were produced in a range of sizes and designs and those included some excellent innovations. They are frequent visitors to our rocking horse restoration workshops around the country.

Kensington Rocking Horse Company is a specialist restorer of Ayres rocking horses and other antique rocking horses and we provide expert bespoke restoration, renovation and refurbishment. Please contact us and we will be delighted to provide recommendations, more example photos and costings.


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