Restoration of Baby Carriages Rocking Horses

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The wooden rocking horses that were made in Liverpool by Baby Carriages Ltd (BCL) are often seen in our restoration workshops, and we have a great deal of experience of repairing, restoring, renovating, refurbishing and reviving them.

Hill and Harrison was a Liverpool company that produced a range of children's products. In 1906 the company changed its name and was incorporated as Baby Carriages Ltd (BCL) with premises in Duke St, Liverpool. As the new name implies, the production of perambulators was to the fore. BCL rocking horses were a staple of the company's range, but were not given great prominence in the company's advertising.

During the 1920s, BCL rocking horses were made in a range of sizes. The larger sizes featured a characteristic tucked back head in an on-the-bit posture. These were impressive horses that featured fine 'fancy nails' of a similar type to those used by F. H. Ayres.

By the 1930s, the range of rocking horses made by Baby Carriages was pruned and production was streamlined. The BCL Rambler horse was introduced and enjoyed great success. The most popular size was the 41" tall horse. Rambler horses were amongst other Baby Carriages rocking horses to be be supplied to shipping lines such as P & O and White Star Line for use in the children's nursery aboard the ocean liners.

Although BCL rocking horse were again produced after the Second World War, the company did not recapture pre-war glories and production soon ceased.

Kensington Rocking Horse Company is a specialist restorer of Baby Carriages (BCL) rocking horses and other antique rocking horses and we provide expert bespoke restoration, renovation and refurbishment. Please contact us with details of your rocking horse and we will be delighted to provide recommendations, more example photos and costings.


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