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The Lancaster rocking horse combines the period charm of an antique traditional dapple grey
rocking horse with the safety and reliability of the finest contemporary craftsmanship.

Authentic Victorian rocking horse patterns are used and the finishing is entrusted to a
specialist artist who achieves a gorgeous finish which resembles antique patina.

Lancaster rocking horses are available on a safety stand or on bows (bow rocker).


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As it is made in a most traditional style, the Lancaster dapple grey rocking horse may superficially resemble other rocking horses you may meet on the web, but do not be misled: please compare the detail of the friendly faces, the high quality of the accessories and the expertise of the finishing!




The head, neck and facial characteristics of some original Victorian rocking horses were often crude and intimidating. Not so with the Lancaster! The experience and expertise of our craftsman,who is the country's allows him faithfully to create rocking horses modeled on only the finest of them such as the Ayres rocking horse.


Durable premium English leather is the choice of the makers of the finest Chesterfield sofas and it is also our choice for the Lancaster rocking horse saddle. The lovely tonal variation enhances the impression of high quality.


Nowhere is the period charm and enduring appeal of the Lancaster rocking horses shown to better effect than in the traditional rocking horse on bows which has captivated children and adults for more than two centuries.




You can choose between two sizes of Lancaster horse. The other photos on this page depict horses in large plus - a size which is suitable for riding by most smaller adults. The horse featured here is the Lancaster medium rocking horse, which is suitable for younger children.


Whilst most customers fall in love with the style and posture of the Ayres rocking horse head, this Lancaster BCL rocking horse is inspired by the designs of BCL (formerly Baby Carriages), a Liverpool rocking horse maker.


Safety Stands:
Medium - Stand length: 53" = 1.35m  Height: 41" = 1.04m
Large plus - Stand length: 60" = 1.52m  Height: 48" = 1.22m

Bow Rockers:
Medium - Rocker length = 60" = 1.52m
Large plus - Rocker length = 84" = 2.14m


  Our rocking horse stable is acknowledged by many to be the world's finest and includes:

  Chester: Superb, contemporary rocking horses in larger sizes with the horse lover in mind

  Silver Jubilee: Innovative range of the most detailed rocking horses ever carved.

  Antique: A selection of antique and vintage horses restored by experienced restorers.

  Lancaster: Finest antique-style rocking horses made to authentic Victorian patterns.


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