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Old and antique rocking horses have a period charm which melts many a heart! A genuine antique rocking horse by the most renowned makers, such as F. H. Ayres or G & J Lines, J. R. Smith or Lines Brothers has a unique period charm.

The Kensington Rocking Horse Company is able to offer the rocking horse buyer in the UK and overseas a unique range of traditional rocking horses and vintage in the antique style and these are supplemented by a number of restored antique rocking horses.

The antique rocking horses pictured above were recently sold from our East Sussex showroom They are:

An early 20th Century large (48" height) Ayres rocking horse by F.H. Ayres of London. A 1920s Lines Brothers Sportiboy SP1 by Lines Brothers of London. A 1950s Collinson rocking horse by J. Collinson of Liverpool.

We have other antique rocking horses currently undergoing restoration and have access to many others. If you are looking for that special rocking antique horse, please let us know what you are seeking.

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Available soon: A superb early 20th Century basket rocking horse.

If you are the owner of an old or antique rocking horse which is in need of restoration or to read more details about our expert rocking horse restorers, please visit our rocking horse restoration page.

For details of our wide selection of new traditional rocking horses, please visit our traditional rocking horse gallery.

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A recent addition was not a wooden rocking horse, but a tin one. The Mobo Bronco walking horse was made by the firm of D. Sebel in Erith in Kent throughout the 1950s and 1960s. The Mobo horses enjoyed considerable success on both sides of the Atlantic. The presence of this particular Mobo horse in the showroom and rocking horse shop of the Kensington Rocking Horse Company has certainly proved a talking point for visitors. Our restorers' services include Mobo rocking horse restoration.



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Not all of our reconditioned rocking horses could be accurately described as antique. We restore and renovate contemporary and vintage rocking horses for sale too. UK buyers shop for quality and value and this is certainly true of our superb antique rocking horses. Many buyers have spend time comparing makers, styles and prices before deciding to buy their antique rocking horse from us. We are confident that our antique rocking horses for sale will stand comparison with the very best when compared for their quality and value for money.


The range of antique wooden rocking horses for sale would not be complete without the dapple grey (or dappled grey) which is loved by so many buyers. Like the other antique rocking horses, the dapples may be antique or more contemporary in their style but they are always made from the finest, seasoned hardwoods. The antique rocking horses may include examples by Ayres, Lines, Smith, Collinson and Patterson Edwards (leeway). Please do not confuse G & J Lines with Lines Brothers, which used the names Triang, Tri-ang and Triangtoys. when making rocking horses at the factory in South London.

So, if you are shopping to buy a reconditioned vintage, contemporary or antique rocking horse as a Christmas present or for a birthday or a christening, or simply because you and your children have fallen in love with idea of a beautiful, antique rocking horse, you will find a warm friendly welcome from us. Above all, you will find that this is the website for those who would like to buy the right antique rocking horse, not just any antique rocking horse.

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