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Lancaster Rocking Horse Saddle

When you ride a Lancaster rocking horse, you will be seated on one of the most comfortable, hard-wearing and attractive of traditional rocking horse saddles. The leather is specially selected for its durability and is otherwise used in the making of the top contemporary Chesterfield sofas. It is particularly resistant to scuffing.

The characterful two-tone effect enhances the appearance is usually preferred in antique red as shown. Other colours are available to order.

These are some of the features shared by all our Lancaster rocking horses:

Lovely, detailed and friendly faces
Slightly turned heads in the style of the very finest 19th Century British rocking horses
Wonderfully detailed paint finish gives gorgeous finish which simulates natural ageing
Unique system gives extra long life to mane and tail and minimal moulting
De-luxe saddle and saddle blanket made from top quality, durable Chesterfield leather
Leather has subtle tonal variations and is available in choice of colours
Also available on bow rockers for even more 'period' charm

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