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The world's finest hand made rocking horses and expert rocking horse restoration for Kent. Low-cost collection and delivery of Kent rocking horses for restoration and repair.





The Kent rocking horse maker and Kent rocking horse restorers provide the answer to the questions: Where can I buy a handmade rocking horse Kent? Where can I find a Kent rocking horse restorer? Who can restore a rocking horse in Kent? Where can I get my Kent rocking horse repaired? Traditional hand made rocking horses are personally delivered to Kent with leather rocking horse bridle and saddle, glass eyes, hardwood frame and horsehair mane and tail. These are fine traditional Kent wooden rocking horses which are individually hand carved by skilled craftsmen in the UK in the traditional fashion in the most stable and attractive of sustainable hardwoods. Carving tools such as the mallet and gouge are used by Kent rocking horse makers, as has been the case for many a long year.

Kent rocking horse restoration is undertaken by rocking horse restorers in Kent who are able to repair, renovate and refurbish those horses which require the attention of a Kent rocking horse restorer.

In Georgian and early Victorian times, the traditional mount was the bow rocker, as that had been the principle design over the preceding decades, but the American, P.J. Marqua, devised and patented the safety stand in 1877. This static frame which eliminated the 'toe-trapping' characteristics associated with the bow rocker was quickly taken-up in England too and was patented in London by Haddon in 1880. Leather bridle and saddle, real horsehair for tail and mane and the use of only seasoned hardwoods are features which attract both adult and child to these lovely creations, which are sure to become a favourite, a family heirloom and a focal point for the home. This is an investment in beautiful furniture, a plaything and an heirloom.



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It will hardly have escaped your attention that this is not something which you routinely and regularly see in toy shop (not that there are many of those remaining nowadays).

Kent buyers shop for quality and value and this is certainly true of our superb traditional rocking horses. Many buyers have spend time comparing makers, styles and prices before deciding to buy their traditional rocking horse from us. We believe that our traditional rocking horses will stand comparison with the very best when compared for their quality and value for money.

Chestnuts was a rocking horse maker who lived in Kent. Although Chestnuts rocking horses are no longer made and the maker has retired, we are able to offer a full restoration, renovation and refurbishment service for a Chestnuts rocking horse.


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