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Handmade rocking horse buyers admire our handmade rocking horses. Not all rocking horses are handmade but the Kensington Rocking Horse Company specialises in handmade wooden rocking horses. These are fine handmade rocking horses which are individually carved by skilled craftsmen in the UK in the traditional fashion. By combining the work of some of Great Britain's finest traditional rocking horse makers, The Kensington Rocking Horse Company is able to offer the rocking horse buyer in the UK and overseas a unique range of handmade rocking horses with dapple grey or polished wood finishes.

Quality, tradition, value and choice are on offer to buyers shopping in England and elsewhere for handmade rocking horses of wood quality which are bought for children all over the UK and abroad. Leather bridle and saddle, real horsehair for tail and mane and the use of only seasoned hardwoods are features which attract both the adult and child to our handmade rocking horses. This is an investment in beautiful furniture, a plaything and an heirloom.



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A detailed introduction to their range of handmade rocking horses is given.

UK buyers shop for quality and value and this is certainly true of our superb handmade rocking horses. Many buyers have spend time comparing makers, styles and prices before deciding to buy their handmade rocking horse from us. We believe that our handmade rocking horses will stand comparison with the very best when compared for their quality and value for money.


The range of handmade wooden rocking horses would not be complete without the dapple grey (or dappled grey) which is loved by many buyers including those shopping for adults as well as children. Like the other handmade rocking horses, the dapples may be more contemporary in their style but they are always made from the finest, seasoned hardwoods. The handmade rocking horses are not only dapple or dappled greys but are a range of woods which may be French polished in the traditional fashion as with classic furniture or may be treated with Danish oil. Dapple greys are always loved but other handmade wooden rocking horses include tulipwood, mahogany, utile, cherry, and oak.

So, if you are shopping to buy a handmade rocking horse as a Christmas present or for a birthday or a christening, or simply because you and your child have fallen in love with idea of a beautiful, handmade rocking horse, you will find a warm friendly welcome from us. Above all, you will find that this is the website for those who would like to buy the right handmade rocking horse, not just any handmade rocking horse.

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