wooden rocking horse

Chester Polished Wood Rocking Horse

The Chester rocking horse illustrated above is presented in gorgeous polished walnut.

We favour walnut, even for our painted Chester dapple grey rocking horses, because it combines a unique series of virtues: It combines a lovely grain, a sumptuous polished finish and peerless strength and stability.

This combination is desirable, and indeed necessary in a rocking horse, as the traditional way in which the horse is made puts a great deal of stress and strain on the timber when the horse goes into active service.

Rocking horses made from less stable wood are prone to movement in today's centrally-heated homes.

The gorgeous appearance of the polished appearance is achieved by extensive and repeated sanding of the carved horse. There are no shortcuts to remarkably high standard of craftsmanship!

Some Features of all Chester Rocking Horses

These are some of the features shared by all our Chester rocking horses:

Gentle, but imposing rocking horses made without compromise
Crafted from the finest (British) hardwoods for maximum strength and stability
Removable tack made by Master Saddler from Sedgwick leather and with optional equestrian features
Optional numnah from Pure New Wool
Outstanding riding action and swinging motion
Abundant mane and tail which invite stroking!
Traditional stand pillars or barley twist

Particularly recommended in XL size, which suits riders of all ages!! Adult saddles are available.    

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