Victorian Rocking Horse

Victorian Rocking Horse

The bow rocker is regarded by many as the classic form of Victorian rocking horse made and it is the form which we see on some many logos for toy shops, children's nursery schools and shops. Prior to the invention of the safety stand in the late 1870s, this was the only form which existed. So, our Lancaster Victorian rocking horse draws its inspiration from the mid-Victorian period and we use information we have gleaned to re-create the prevalent style of the time authentically and give a period feel.

In addition to being a beautiful rocking horse, it is consciously mounted on a longer, more shallow bow rocker than the rather more dramatic bows, which are sometimes know as Georgian bow rockers, and which date from a time when the attitude to child safety was rather more cavalier!

Like all of our Lancaster rocking horses, this one is individually hand carved by a professional rocking horse maker with more than 30 years experience. Not only is the carving of the highest standard, but the exquisite finishing comprises a skillfully 'antiqued' paint surface, which is built up subtly in many layers and complimented by understated dappling.

Please do not confuse this masterpiece with the pale imitations of Victorian rocking horses for sale elsewhere!

Some Features of all Lancaster Rocking Horses

These are some of the features shared by all our Lancaster rocking horses:

Individually hand-carved by one of the world's finest and most experienced rocking horse makers
Crafted from the finest hardwoods for maximum strength and stability
Leather tack made from finest leather of the type used for Chesterfield sofas
Outstanding riding action and swinging motion
Lovely long mane and tail which invite stroking!

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