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Our rocking horses have lots of rocking horse appeal and we appeal to you to browse and check which rocking horse appeals most to you!!! This is an investment in beautiful furniture, a plaything and an heirloom.

However, the terms rocking horse appeal or rockinghorse appeal is better known in connection with charity appeals and you may have arrived at our rocking horse website in search of details of a rocking horse appeal for charity.

The two of which we are aware are the rockinghorse appeal for the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Brighton and the rocking horse appeal for the Alder Hey Hospital in Liverpool and you can link to the websites of the each rocking horse appeal below:

The Rockinghorse Appeal purchases specialist medical equipment for both The Royal Alexandra Hospital for Sick Children and the Trevor Mann Baby Unit at The Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton and also funds the Asthma Research Centre at the Alex. We are delighted to have been involved in various fundraising activities with the Rockinghorse Appeal over recent years.

The Alder Hey Rocking Horse Appeal has been raising money for a new cancer unit at the Alder Hey Hospital in Liverpool.

The Kensington Rocking Horse Company is pleased to be a contributor to Brighton's Rockinghorse Appeal and a number of other charities.

Whatever type of rocking horse appeal or rockinghorse appeal you were seeking, we hope you are successful (but please don't forget to check if our rocking horses have the right rocking horse appeal too!)


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