dapple grey

Dapple Grey

The dapple grey or dappled grey is the most traditional of all rocking horses and dates back to early Victorian times. Our Lancaster dapple grey replicates the poise and stature of the finest of Victorian dapple greys, such as those by F.H. Ayres.

The Lancaster range adheres to the proportions of the original patterns and re-creating their distinctive posture. This applies particularly to the heads, which attract so many of our customers.

The head of this - our most favoured style of Lancaster - is inspired by F.H. Ayres. Like the best Ayres horses, the heads are detailed and friendly. Like the cream of their Victorian forebears, the head is slightly turned in a diffident but dignified manner.

Equally important is the finish: the Lancaster is entrusted to an expert in the reproduction of the antique patina. A painstaking and lengthy process. which involves special techniques and artists' materials applied entirely by hand, simulates the appearance of the tiny number of Victorian originals which have survived with paintwork intact.

The result is a very special rocking horse offered in two sizes. The large plus size, pictured above, is suitable for rising by children of all ages, including those well over the age of 21!!

Some Features of all Lancaster Horses

Lovely, detailed and friendly faces
Slightly turned heads in the style of the very finest 19th Century British rocking horses
Crack-resistant construction ensures long life
Wonderfully detailed paint finish gives gorgeous finish which simulates natural ageing
Unique system gives extra long life to mane and tail and minimal moulting
De-luxe saddle and saddle blanket made from top quality, durable Chesterfield leather
Leather has subtle tonal variations and is available in choice of colours
Also available on bow rockers for even more 'period' charm

Rocking Horse Restoration

If you already own an old dapple grey rocking horse, or any other old rocking horse who has fallen on hard times and needs some tender loving care, please visit our rocking horse restoration page for details of our rocking horse restorers who can restore your old favourite with great expertise and sensitivity.

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