Thoroughbred Rocking Horse

Approximate Dimensions:

Length: 1.05m (41")

Height: 80cm (31")

Saddle height: 60cm (24")

Width: 31cm (12")


Happy Customers:

Little Edward loved his horse and so did his Mummy. He was held on his back and sat "side saddle" for a short time and chuckled away.We think that he will have many hours of riding to look forward to. Beau (the horse) now has pride of place in Edwards nursery.

Thank you all very much for getting Beau to us in time.You made us all very happy.

Best Wishes,

Joan and Frank


The horse is fantastic! My daughter loved it in her birthday. It looks so realistic and soft, so it is very child-friendly. Thank you very much for making my daughter's birthday one to remember with this rocking horse.

James and Rachel - Kent


Special Note:

Please note that the Thoroughbred horses currently available are tacked-up with a tan coloured saddle and bridle rather than the dark brown shown in the photo above.


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