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Even in the enlarged photo (which you can call-up by clicking on the picture below), it is almost impossible to convey the elegance and beauty of this masterpiece of rocking horse sculpture, which is a fusion of the scupltor's practised eye, mastery of technique and decades of experience of rocking horse making.

Equally, the sheer size of this extra large horse may not be apparent from the pictures either. It is an imposing 78 inches (2.15 metres) long and 45 inches (1.15 metres) high.

Painstakingly carved by hand from the finest selected mahogany and hand-polished to a subtle finish, this horse exhibits the stunning detail which is the outstanding feature of all the horses in the Silver Jubilee range.

enlarge photo

The gorgeous and fabulously detailed carved mane and tail are particularly exceptional features of an exceptional work.

This is, of course, a rocking horse which can be ridden. In addition, it is the most unusual and impressive wooden horse scuplture, which could take pride of place in the finest home or equestrian surroundings.

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