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Experienced observors consider this to be the finest dapple grey rocking horse ever carved. It combines beauty and elegance with a quite astonishing level of carving expertise, including muscle and vein detail. It is the product of a lifetime's observation of horses and 25 years of high quality horse sculpture on the part of our most experienced designer/carver.

This dapple grey is fashioned by hand from superb quality materials and accessories: it is mounted on a splendid ash stand and features finest leather tack bespoke-made by one of Great Britains's leading Master Saddlers. Even the eyes are hand-carved for an additionally lifelike appearance. The sheer craftmanship and attention to detail are breathtaking.

The gorgeous finish is achieved through superb finishing of the wood combined with skilled artistry and the use of the highest grade artists' materials and techniques.

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Featured here in the tremendously imposing extra large size, which suits the adult rider as much as a child, this is the pinnacle of dapple grey rocking horse making and would grace the finest of homes.

This style of rocking horse is also available in hand-polished mahogany and pictures of this alternative will appear on the website soon.

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