Chester Dapple Grey Rocking Horse

The dapple grey rocking horse has a magic of its own and this rocking horse combines the timeless splendour of a traditional dapple with the magnificence and lifelike appeal of the Chester rocking horses. The 'misty' finish is understated and natural and fully in keeping with the detailed carving. Above all, this is a rocking horse with a kindly eye and natural personality which longs to be ridden!

Some Features of all Chester Rocking Horses

These are some of the features shared by all our Chester rocking horses:

Gentle, but imposing rocking horses made without compromise
Crafted from the finest (British) hardwoods for maximum strength and stability
Removable tack made by Master Saddler from Sedgwick leather and with optional equestrian features
Optional numnah from Pure New Wool
Outstanding riding action and swinging motion
Abundant mane and tail which invite stroking!
Traditional stand pillars or barley twist

Particularly recommended in XL size, which suits riders of all ages!! Adult saddles are available.    

Why the Chester is the gift of a lifetime

If your aim is to give a gift which will stand the test of time, the Chester is the perfect choice:

Whilst it is the visible features which most obviously set the Chester apart from other rocking horses, it is the fact that the horse is made from walnut which is equally important in the long run.  The wood is stronger and more stable than the wood used by any other makers, so it is not prone to cracking from shrinkage/expansion.  In addition, the wood is not covered with gesso, which could flake and crumble in years to come. Rather, the smooth surface of the horse is achieved by many hours of sanding.

The manes and tails are made from horse tails of unrivalled quality and fitted with exceptional attention to detail. Long after the spartan manes and tails of many rocking horses have moulted away, the Chester continues to hold his head up high and display a fine head of hair.

The Chester costs more than most rocking horses, but you will be rewarded by a rocking horse which will continue to look its best in years to come.

In the spirit of a bygone age, the Chester is a rocking horse which is made to last.  It is the gift of a lifetime.    

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