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Cavalli a dondolo is Italian for rocking horses. Cavalli a dondolo are loved in Italy. Italian cavalli a dondolo buyers are welcome to buy their rocking horses or cavalli a dondolo from The Kensington Rocking Horse Company UK. Our cavalli a dondolo can be delivered to Italy. If you would like a traditional English rocking horse or cavallo a dondolo, please click the link above to view and find your favourite cavalli a dondolo. This is an investment in beautiful furniture, a plaything and an heirloom.

Cavalli a dondolo are called Schaukelpferde in German, gunghästar in Swedish and Mokuba in Japanese. Residents of all of those countries are welcome to contact us about our traditional wooden rocking horses or cavalli a dondolo. The Kensington Rocking Horse Company is the world specialist for wooden rocking horses and its range has been called the world's finest selection. The traditional wooden rocking horse is a speciality.

Italian people interested in cavalli a dondolo will receive a warm welcome and advice about cavalli a dondolo. We will be pleased to help you select the right cavalli a dondolo for you. If you are seeking the right cavalli a dondolo, not just any cavalli a dondolo, please contact the cavalli a dondolo specialists.

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